SOLID supports revolutionary Olympic and Paralympic bid of Stockholm Åre 2026!

SOLID supported Stockholm Åre in their bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games 2026. Being the world leader in sustainability and the number three of the global democracy index, it appeared that Sweden might be a great fit to partner with the recently reform driven IOC to innovate around the Winter Games.

SOLID was tasked to support the development and presentation of the mobility concept for the bid. A dream job considering the existing infrastructure and sustainable policies in place in Stockholm (global #2 in Arthur D. Little Urban Mobility Index 2018) and across the whole country.

Unfortunately there wasn’t a supporting majority within the IOC membership for the proposed bid. Despite all stated IOC reforms, there was rather interest in evolution than in revolution. With the vote from June 2019, the opportunity to stage the first truly sustainable Winter Games and benefit from an innovation power house like Sweden has been missed.

Congratulations to our competitors from Milan Cortina 2026!

Photo Credits: Greg Martin/IOC