Venezuelan Wedding Customs

Those who plan to have being married in Venezuela can expect a lot of colorful practices. These traditions are similar to those of western countries but with a twist.

A conventional Venezuelan marriage is a celebratory affair. The ceremony usually involves close family members and the parents of the bride and groom. It also requires 13 gold white guys dating latinas coins, which stand for venezuelan women success and best of luck. The groom’s daddy presents the coins to the bride-to-be as a token of dowry.

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The ceremony is definitely followed by a reception. The party generally lasts for a complete hour. It is now time when friends dance and mingle.

One common Venezuelan tradition is to give guests a feather allure as a symbol of good chance. The feather charm is also a symbol of a considerable quantity.

The ‚la hora loca‘ is usually a popular Venezuelan wedding tradition. It is a raucous party within a party. Guests are encouraged to dress in costumes and play extreme music.

The ‚la hora loca‘ can also include unique masks and noisemakers. Friends may also throw rice on the bride and groom as a good luck mark.

The ‚la hora loca‘ can also be incorporated into the reception. Some couples experience two split wedding ceremonies. The foremost is a religious wedding service and the second is a detrimental ceremony. The Catholic few may move through the regular formal process, while the Protestant couple may decide on a less formal affair.